Sunday, April 3, 2011

Experiment #11 Considerations:

What We've Found Out on Search and Reveal:

1. Standard Operator Signs hold Slender Man back for 24 hours.
2. It hates fish and Ichthus symbols.
3. The Ichthus-Operator holds it back for 28 hours, at the end of which It will be ready to kill.
4. It hates fish.
5. The Proto-Ichthys Symbol worked for 15-16 hours.
6. Decoys can able to fool It.
7. It cannot discern a masked person amongst a bunch of decoys.

As such, I am going to begin researching all variations of the Ichthus Symbol.
Also, before too long we will be able to test whether or nor Slender Man can follow a person into a body of water. Its loathing of fish and some implications discussed on M's The Tutorial imply that It can't.

I'll stay in touch and post what we decide upon for Experiment #11. Any suggestions on your part are welcome.

To Jakob: We've already made arrangements for if Ron is taken over by Slender Man again. Though it was an interesting venture into an S&M Store to buy some handcuffs.

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  1. Tough crowd. You guys out there really have no suggestions that'll give us a hand here?