Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm being eaten alive here. -Ron

Look. I know I've been posting as if I were normal, but I've felt Him, always, ever since He last took me over. No matter where we go, no matter how far we run, I always feel and hear Him in my mind. It's maddening. I can't shake Him no matter how much I fight back. It's been getting worse, but it's come up a high point in these last fews days. I keep conscious mind active and I take Robert's concoction.

I've also been feeling the sickness. I can't shake this horrible cough. My dreams are also riddled with His presence. In my last one, a masky told me that the pendulum would stop swinging soon. Whatever that means. I feel like I'm at the end of my rope, guys.

I'm damaged goods. I feel if I were to confront Him again, He would win and I would endanger Pete and Clarice. So we've come to the mutual decision to have them be the ones to conduct the experiments. I'll hang back and hold down the fort. I also feel like I'm missing something. Well, I am. A big chunk of memories, but still.

Anyway, Pete and Clarice are trying out the newest symbol tonight. I'm to keep you guys posted here.


  1. It's okay. We can defeat him. Things will get better. Just hang in there.

  2. I'm trying, Sparrow, but after a certain point I just have to acknowledge that the situation is getting more grim and I need to tie-up whatever loose ends my life has up.