Monday, February 28, 2011

The Operator-Ichthus Symbol

The construct has made it clear that it doesn't like the Ichthus Symbol or fish. Think a combination of the Operator Sign and the Ichthus Symbol might have an effect? The above design as a straightforward Ichthus with an 'X' through it. This is a crude rendition done in Paint, but I can definitely make a better sketch on paper. I've found that I'm actually good with sketches and drawing since my experimentation began.
I know I'm grasping at straws, but then again, why does the Operator Sign work? Why do masks work? Why can't he perceive us as humans at elevations higher than the second floor? Why is It more suited for forests than cities? Nothing about this creature makes sense on a human level, so perhaps this ridiculous idea may just be ridiculous enough.
If nothing else, it's worth a shot. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work, but I'll be hopeful.

Experiment #6 Results:

Location: Shed. Again, I watched from my room.
Decoy: Decoy 3-Repeated Attire and Mask
Operator Sign: Effective
Sun Cross: Ineffective
Ouroboros: Ineffective
Happy Human: Ineffective
Omkar: Ineffective
The fish: It ripped the fish to shreds. This is beyond my comprehension as why It would do that.

I am changing out testing locations again. Over this last day, I've seen It everywhere. Will give 'Experiment #7 Set-Up' update when I have arrived and have the necessities to perform it.

Experiment #5 Results

Location: A junk-filled shed. Operator signs pasted onto it. Make-swift fence with the new symbols hung from it around the shed. The shed was just out back of the building I'm currently staying in and I was able to spy from the fifth floor.
Decoy: Decoy: Decoy 3-New Attire and Mask. Effective for nearly four hours before the construct moved on. Effective for maybe three-five minutes than the first decoy test.
Operator Symbol: Effective.
Ichthus: Ineffective, but for some reason, the construct tore the Ichthus symbols apart. I...I'm unsure of why It did that.
Fire Lily: Ineffective
Hands of God: Ineffective
Triskelion: Ineffective

Experiment #6 Set-Up:

Location: The shed.
Decoy: Decoy-Repeated Attire and Mask. The construct only needs to show up long enough to test the new symbols.
New Symbols:

Sun Cross (Gnosticism)

Ouroboros (Ghosticism)

Happy Human (Humanism)

Omkar (Hinduism)

I've also taken the liberty of purchasing some fish and hanging them out with the symbols to see if they get a similar reaction to the Ichthus sign. If so, then it starts to reason that one does not want to be in possession of fish when encountering the constuct, as it just provoke It to violence.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Experiment #4 Results:

Location: Second time at the trailer.
Decoy: Decoy 2-New attire and Mask. Effective for roughly two hours before the construct moved on.
Operator Symbol: Effective.
Lotus Carrying Namam: Ineffective
Nine Point Star: Ineffective
Wheel of Dharmacakra: Ineffective
Lotus Flower: Ineffective

Experiment #5 Set-Up

Will reuse the trailer one more time before moving on
Decoy: Decoy 3-New Attire and Mask
New Symbols:
Ichthus (Christianity)
Fire Lily (Christianity)
Hands of God (Slavic Neopaganism)
Triskelion (Celtic Neopaganism)

After this, I will too be abandoning the mobile home and another location.

I've come across a few symbols which I am reluctant to try out. One is called the "Sacred Chaos". I fear it making the creature stronger, since it also is a bringer of chaos for all intents and purposes. The pentagram is another I fear to use, and will not, after I read up on it. I will also not be using any other Satanic symbolism. I have enough problems with just one devil. I will not risk bringing another to myself.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Experiment #3 Results

Gye Nyame: Ineffective
Allah: Ineffective
Angel Moroni: Ineffective
Ankh: Ineffective
Crucifix Necklaces: Ineffective
Operator Symbol: Effective
Decoy: Same mannequin in the same clothes and mask as the first test: Effective at distance. Ineffective up close. He walked right past all the symbol hung up around the mobile home and walked right up to it, but did not go in as  the Operators were fending him off. He looked at the decoy for a few seconds before moving on and disappearing.

I've collected Decoy 1.

Experiment #4 Set-Up: changed out the clothes and mask on Decoy 1. Tonight to test if Decoy 1-Different Attire and "Outer Identity" can fool It.

New Test Symbols:

Lotus Carrying Namam (Ayyavazhi symbolism)
Nine Point Star (Bahá'í Faith)
Wheel of Dharmacakra (Buddhism)
Lotus Flower (Buddhism)

Location: Same abandoned mobile home as before. After this, I will use the trailer one more time with Decoy 2 and four new symbols. After that, there are other locations in this town which can serve my purposes.
I'm going to dare to stay a week before moving on this time.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Experiment #3 is set.

I have found a nearby water tower from which I will observe. Instead of a shack, I found a discarded mobile home to set up the mannequin up in. The decoy is in the same ensemble as before, right up to the mask.It's perched at a window which I can see through the binoculars. Operator symbols have been pasted onto the trailer. I've taken string and pieces of wood and set up a fence around the trailer and have hung the religious symbols from the string.
I've also taken the liberty of buying a handful of actual Crucifix necklaces, which have also been hung from the string. If that doesn't work, this will shown that whether there's a difference between metal-crafted symbols and paper ones since I've already tried drawing crosses.

I head out now. Tomorrow, the results of the decoy, and the symbols, both drawn or cast will be conveyed to you.

A New Town

I've entered a new town today. For now, I'm going to get settled in temperary lodgings, then I'm heading out to find a place to set-up Experiment #3. The results should be in by tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Experiment #2 Results

I have some good news and some bad news.
The bad news is that the Be gua symbols are not effective as repellents.
The good news is that the Operator sign still works.
The news that everyone wants to know is if a masked and clothed mannequin can really serve a decoy. It did. It worked.
It all happened around midnight. The construct went straight for the shack. It walked right past the Be gua signs, but was held back by the Operator sign, and it shad proceeded to have a staring match with the mannequin for hours without end. It left around 5:00 AM. I collected all the materials and I'm on the move again. See you all at the next town. I'm going to be taking my new "friend" with me. I'm going to test if the same mannequin can be reused as a decoy next time or if you have to get a new body double each time. I've also bought additional masks to switch out just in case this one ceases to protect my "inner identity".

The Next Symbols I'm trying out are

Gye nyame


Angel Moroni


For now, I'm going to go with a religious symbol theme to keep this organized and focused.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Results of the Test:

Cross Symbol: No effect.
Human Face Symbol: No effect.
Star of David: No effect.
Operator Symbol: Still effective as a ward. They held Him at bay long enough for my escape. I then had to flee for my life and ended up following Jedi's advise and "bummed it" on a roof until He left.

Next Set of Symbols, Be gua ones, to be precise: Found here
  • Qián
  • Duì
  • Zhèn
  • Xùn
  • Kǎn
  • Gèn
  • Kūn
I'm also going to try an additional experiment with a mannequin I saw being thrown out which I'm "borrowing" and a pair of binoculars that have been in my bag since I first woke up and started posting. See the source and purpose of this experiment here: ⊗LOG⊗ - Decoy.
I'm going to "bum it" again on a roof close to the shack. I'm going to set up the Be gua symbols on the fence posts like I did with thre first three symbols and post the operator symbols on the shack, itself. Inside, the mannequin will be dressed in additional clothes of mine along with the operator symbol covered hooded sweatshirt with the hood pulled up, of course, and my mask. I intend to finish "Dr." Cairo's experiment which was founded on M and Maduin's theories tonight. Wish me luck.

Monday, February 21, 2011

A simple experiment.

Ron of Drew's Box 'o' Stuff has suggested we become organized and connected as a network. I've offered to perform a simple experiment for him. One that seems to have been reoccurring in the blog Testing 1, 2, 3. According to research that has been done on the construct, posting up operator symbols in your home will keep It at bay for 24 hours, after which their effect will wear off and He will be able to enter your home. A part of the research conducted by the blog's owner, Shaun, was in finding other symbols that work as repellents against the construct. I intend to to take up that research. It's a fairly simple and safe one to work with, as I can still hang up operator signs while conducting this.

The Set Up: I ended up in a small where most of the buildings aside from an Inn I can't afford don't have third floors. So I will have to sleep the night at a lower level, anyway. There's an abandoned two room shack of a house at the edge of town. I will post up the operator symbols on the outside of the home, itself, and post up the other symbols at the wooden posts  that make up the remains of a fence that once surrounded it. This way, if none of the alternate symbols work, I can still fall back on the operator signs.
I'm trying three symbols this time: A cross, an expressionless face, and the Star of David.

My next blog post will report the results in exact detail.

Bought a mask...

...and some spray paint. I've put the operator symbol on my clothes and I'm wearing the mask. It's a turtle face. The symbols are on the front of my hooded sweatshirt and on the back of the hood which I keep pulled up at all times. I'm hoping to confuse the thing. With any luck, I'll be able to settle down for about a week somewhere, maybe, and perhaps remember something. Anything. Or think about what I want to do next.

I've also been thinking about what Cerberus and Black Leaf said about me. I'm "capable of more than anyone can guess"? I'm "not the man I once was." "That man is dead"? Who was I before? Who am I?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A letter.

Last night, I slept on a park bench after being unable to find lodgings up high. I woke up to find a man sitting across from me wearing a dark green mark with neutral expression in it's design. He handed me this letter and left:
darkness consumes The Pawn
during the twilight. It will come
rejects Bounds
but foresaw quickly
overstepped. Punishment
have been in order.
It as the Title,
his consequences.
no light

If anyone can make sense of this, that'd be great.

In the meantime, I'm waiting for another bus.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


I'm alright. When that thing finally left, I gathered my things and fled the house. This time, however, I wasn't able to get any help. Even more children have gone missing recently and there's a full on search being conducted by both the police and locals. Then It reappeared once I was outside and I was forced to run for my life, and then had to make my way into town on foot.  I saw It off and on, throughout the night. It was closer and closer with each successive sighting, until it finally charged me head on. I don't know how, but I managed to not get ensnared in his tendrils. Perhaps It just wanted to play with me. I don't know, but It never caught me.

Eventually, I made my way into town and got on a bus. Today, I've arrived in Greenfield, Mass. I haven't caught sight of It yet, but I'm going to abide by the rules set by M of The Tutorial. I've rested and ready to move on again. I'll stay in touch and continue to chronicle my journeys.

Also, my name is "Pete" now. Ron of Drew's Box 'o' Stuff was kind enough to suggest a proper name for me.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

it is right outside.

While still at the police station after they unsuccessfully tried to identify me, I decided to lean back and rest my eyes. Suddenly, the world around me grew silent and the seat under my rear soft. I opened my eyes to find myself back at the abandoned house I woke up in. The thing Ron calls "the construct" is staring in the window from where I first beheld him.

My eyes don't leave it as I type this, for fear that I will lose it. I will keep him in this gaze with the curtaiin pulled back. Better this than having it in the house.

I am in South Deerfield.

The taxi took me to the mentioned town and dropped me off at a Police Station so that they can try to identify me. I'm posting this from a bistro with Wifi before I go in. I've been reading up on many of the blogs, such as Observe and Terminate, Just Another Fool, Dreams in Darkness, Seeking Truth, The Mystic, The Tutorial, and Anomalous Data and some others. If I've forgotten who I am, then does it stand to reason that any record of me might have been erased by an agent of proxy as well? I'm still going to try to find out who I am, but I want to know the odds.

Best of luck to all, and to Ron. You were right in the comment you left. You and I are connected somehow, but why were you allowed to keep your identity. Who you are? I'm... I feel like nothing. I have no known name, and I'm so alone.

I'm off. "It" is standing across the street watching me without relent, and I feel sick. Why is this happening to me?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I am Prey Two.

That is the name I know myself by. I recall nothing beyond a few short moments ago. I don't know my name or where I came or where I am. Yet I know how to operate this device and I know people from afar can read it. This, "blog" already exised for me to use and I knew the password. Why?

A man stairs in the window. He dresses sharply, but his face.... He has no face. Why? I can see stairs leading down from my position at the desk. Am I on the second floor? How can he be staring at me from here? Does he have a step ladder?

To anyone who can read this, do you know who I am?