Monday, February 28, 2011

Experiment #6 Results:

Location: Shed. Again, I watched from my room.
Decoy: Decoy 3-Repeated Attire and Mask
Operator Sign: Effective
Sun Cross: Ineffective
Ouroboros: Ineffective
Happy Human: Ineffective
Omkar: Ineffective
The fish: It ripped the fish to shreds. This is beyond my comprehension as why It would do that.

I am changing out testing locations again. Over this last day, I've seen It everywhere. Will give 'Experiment #7 Set-Up' update when I have arrived and have the necessities to perform it.


  1. The fish is often a symbol or a piece of a story in Christianity - heard of Jesus feeding the 5000? Possible weakness - it is one of the ONLY Christian symbols dating back to its foundations. The cross was even created by the Roman Catholic Church - as I'm sure you know, it was just a method of executing people with no symbolism whatsoever.

  2. Hmm. Then that opens a few routes of investigation. Thank you. I wonder what would happen if I were to conbine the Ichthus symbol with the Operator sign.