Thursday, February 17, 2011

it is right outside.

While still at the police station after they unsuccessfully tried to identify me, I decided to lean back and rest my eyes. Suddenly, the world around me grew silent and the seat under my rear soft. I opened my eyes to find myself back at the abandoned house I woke up in. The thing Ron calls "the construct" is staring in the window from where I first beheld him.

My eyes don't leave it as I type this, for fear that I will lose it. I will keep him in this gaze with the curtaiin pulled back. Better this than having it in the house.


  1. Keep watching.
    Do not take your eyes off him.
    If you do, he'll vanish, and be god knows where else. If you can, keep him in your line of sight, and carefully back away until you feel safe enough to run like hell. come back later if you must, but get out of there.

    And stay away from the trees.

  2. it left just a while ago. While I still have strength, I'm going to Run.

  3. Follow the tutorial, its your best bet.

  4. Hey, Pete, you okay, man? Report in, 'kay?