Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Results of the Test:

Cross Symbol: No effect.
Human Face Symbol: No effect.
Star of David: No effect.
Operator Symbol: Still effective as a ward. They held Him at bay long enough for my escape. I then had to flee for my life and ended up following Jedi's advise and "bummed it" on a roof until He left.

Next Set of Symbols, Be gua ones, to be precise: Found here
  • Qián
  • Duì
  • Zhèn
  • Xùn
  • Kǎn
  • Gèn
  • Kūn
I'm also going to try an additional experiment with a mannequin I saw being thrown out which I'm "borrowing" and a pair of binoculars that have been in my bag since I first woke up and started posting. See the source and purpose of this experiment here: ⊗LOG⊗ - Decoy.
I'm going to "bum it" again on a roof close to the shack. I'm going to set up the Be gua symbols on the fence posts like I did with thre first three symbols and post the operator symbols on the shack, itself. Inside, the mannequin will be dressed in additional clothes of mine along with the operator symbol covered hooded sweatshirt with the hood pulled up, of course, and my mask. I intend to finish "Dr." Cairo's experiment which was founded on M and Maduin's theories tonight. Wish me luck.


  1. Yes! Yes! Experiment from spots of safety! If stick's fooled by the mannequin, this will change everything!

  2. Glad my advice managed to help out.

    Everyone always forgets that every building actually has an extra floor, it just doesn't have a roof.

    If the owners are relatively laid back, you might want to alert them to the fact that you're temporarily camping out on the rooftop, you might end up disturbing some other guests (Nobody likes being woken up in the middle of the night to footsteps coming from your ceiling, especially when you're on the 'top floor')

    If they don't seem fairly laid back, then don't. Keep it to yourself. Walk as carefully as you can, short of an emergency. If you need to run for it? Fuck disturbing others, get the fuck out of there.

  3. Addition to previous comment: You could always tell them that you're doing a study on bums and how they survive, and while you need them to keep your gear in your room, you would like to see what it would be like, camping out on a roof.

  4. Thank you, both of you. The building I will be on the roof of is a small apartment building four stories high. I wasn't able to get a room, but I can to the roof easily enough. I'll be careful to tread lightly.
    I didn't catch sight of him while I was preparing the experiment, so I hope that means he didnt' see what I was up to.
    I find it alarmingly easy to conduct these experiments. I'm just hoping I can find some simile of myself in this journey.

  5. If this works, I foresee a lot of blog entries containing the phrase "I put a mannequin up today" on the other blogs. Just five Followers? Shame.

  6. I don't follow, it makes it too easy to track my posts and movements online.

    I bookmark.