Friday, February 25, 2011

Experiment #3 Results

Gye Nyame: Ineffective
Allah: Ineffective
Angel Moroni: Ineffective
Ankh: Ineffective
Crucifix Necklaces: Ineffective
Operator Symbol: Effective
Decoy: Same mannequin in the same clothes and mask as the first test: Effective at distance. Ineffective up close. He walked right past all the symbol hung up around the mobile home and walked right up to it, but did not go in as  the Operators were fending him off. He looked at the decoy for a few seconds before moving on and disappearing.

I've collected Decoy 1.

Experiment #4 Set-Up: changed out the clothes and mask on Decoy 1. Tonight to test if Decoy 1-Different Attire and "Outer Identity" can fool It.

New Test Symbols:

Lotus Carrying Namam (Ayyavazhi symbolism)
Nine Point Star (Bahá'í Faith)
Wheel of Dharmacakra (Buddhism)
Lotus Flower (Buddhism)

Location: Same abandoned mobile home as before. After this, I will use the trailer one more time with Decoy 2 and four new symbols. After that, there are other locations in this town which can serve my purposes.
I'm going to dare to stay a week before moving on this time.


  1. Smart move. Avoid using anything affiliated with Chaos or the devil. Well then, including the Operator Sign, these next symbols will officially be the 17th-21st symbols you've tried out.

  2. Totally with Cherub. Stay away from involving chaos and the devil. And stay safe, man.