Thursday, February 24, 2011

Experiment #3 is set.

I have found a nearby water tower from which I will observe. Instead of a shack, I found a discarded mobile home to set up the mannequin up in. The decoy is in the same ensemble as before, right up to the mask.It's perched at a window which I can see through the binoculars. Operator symbols have been pasted onto the trailer. I've taken string and pieces of wood and set up a fence around the trailer and have hung the religious symbols from the string.
I've also taken the liberty of buying a handful of actual Crucifix necklaces, which have also been hung from the string. If that doesn't work, this will shown that whether there's a difference between metal-crafted symbols and paper ones since I've already tried drawing crosses.

I head out now. Tomorrow, the results of the decoy, and the symbols, both drawn or cast will be conveyed to you.

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