Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I am Prey Two.

That is the name I know myself by. I recall nothing beyond a few short moments ago. I don't know my name or where I came or where I am. Yet I know how to operate this device and I know people from afar can read it. This, "blog" already exised for me to use and I knew the password. Why?

A man stairs in the window. He dresses sharply, but his face.... He has no face. Why? I can see stairs leading down from my position at the desk. Am I on the second floor? How can he be staring at me from here? Does he have a step ladder?

To anyone who can read this, do you know who I am?


  1. Ah, so this is the second Little Prey the Master told me of. You are indeed honored to be graced by his presence this night. I wouldn't go out to greet him, though, Other Prey. He is the Wolf cornering it's Meal.

    He seeks sport. Seek Truth and Tutorial, Anomalous Data, and many more. You must be educated if you are to give the Master His Hunt.

    I leave you now, Other Prey. Prepare for the Chase as you will, but you are alone, as if Little Prey.

  2. Who are you? Seek Truth? Tutorial? Anomalous Data? What are these? What are you talking about?

  3. To answer the question that you posted on Ron's blog, yes, he can do that. However, this may not necessarily be the case; we still don't know everything about the Slender Man. It is probable that It has far more abilities than we could know.

    As for the Seek Truth, Tutorial, and Anomalous Data mentioned by Black Leaf, these are references to blogs and the people who run the blogs. Seems like It wants a fight...

    Anyway, I'll post the links to the respective blogs:

    Seeking Truth, by Zeke Strahm

    The Tutorial, by M

    Anamalous Data, by Jay. It is theorized that Jay is Redlight, but so far this has been unconfirmed, and in all likelihood, will stay that way.

    And, just between you and me, I have some information that might be helpful.

  4. Oh, thank you! So what I need as a electro-magnet. Your explanation makes it sound like a tall task, though.

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  6. Forgive me for the double post, but I've gotten my bearings on my location and it seems like I know how to do things, like use money, a telephone, and read, and such. Why erase my mind but to leave practical everyday knowledge?

    A while ago "It" left and fled the house with what I guess are I belongings and headed for the road. According to some locals I've come across, I'm in Pioneer Valley, Franklin County, Western Massachusetts.

    The house I was in stood in a grassy area just a ways away from a nearby farm. Only a single woman was still at home because both of the children are missing and the father is out looking for them. She called a taxi for me to make to a nearby town. I'm on the front their front doorstep awaiting my transportation right now.

    I don't know, though. Maybe I should go out and help her husband search for the missing children. I mean, she did let me in, listen to me, and called aid for me despite her own crisis. It seems like the right thing to do.

  7. You don't necessarily need an electro magnet to hurt the Slender Man; any electrical weapon would do. I would strongly discourage you from building improvised electrical weapons unless 1. You absolutely know that it's safe. 2. You have no other option.

    "I've gotten my bearings on my location and it seems like I know how to do things, like use money, a telephone, and read, and such. Why erase my mind but to leave practical everyday knowledge?"

    Possibly as a challenge? I'm not sure; this situation is odd, I haven't seen anything like it before.

  8. Right. Gotcha.

    As for my situation, it sure seems like this thing that's chasing me thinks of this as a game. Well, my ride is here. I'll see you at the other end. Hey, what do you think happened to those children?

  9. Franklin County, West Mass? That's in the very same State as me. Okay, this is obviously connected in some way. I woke up 15th in Boston. You woke up on the 16th out in the country. One day apart. What is that skinny freak planning with us?

    About those two kids, P2. The same thing that's chasing you got them. Children are his favorite target.