Monday, February 28, 2011

Experiment #5 Results

Location: A junk-filled shed. Operator signs pasted onto it. Make-swift fence with the new symbols hung from it around the shed. The shed was just out back of the building I'm currently staying in and I was able to spy from the fifth floor.
Decoy: Decoy: Decoy 3-New Attire and Mask. Effective for nearly four hours before the construct moved on. Effective for maybe three-five minutes than the first decoy test.
Operator Symbol: Effective.
Ichthus: Ineffective, but for some reason, the construct tore the Ichthus symbols apart. I...I'm unsure of why It did that.
Fire Lily: Ineffective
Hands of God: Ineffective
Triskelion: Ineffective

Experiment #6 Set-Up:

Location: The shed.
Decoy: Decoy-Repeated Attire and Mask. The construct only needs to show up long enough to test the new symbols.
New Symbols:

Sun Cross (Gnosticism)

Ouroboros (Ghosticism)

Happy Human (Humanism)

Omkar (Hinduism)

I've also taken the liberty of purchasing some fish and hanging them out with the symbols to see if they get a similar reaction to the Ichthus sign. If so, then it starts to reason that one does not want to be in possession of fish when encountering the constuct, as it just provoke It to violence.

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