Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Experiment #2 Results

I have some good news and some bad news.
The bad news is that the Be gua symbols are not effective as repellents.
The good news is that the Operator sign still works.
The news that everyone wants to know is if a masked and clothed mannequin can really serve a decoy. It did. It worked.
It all happened around midnight. The construct went straight for the shack. It walked right past the Be gua signs, but was held back by the Operator sign, and it shad proceeded to have a staring match with the mannequin for hours without end. It left around 5:00 AM. I collected all the materials and I'm on the move again. See you all at the next town. I'm going to be taking my new "friend" with me. I'm going to test if the same mannequin can be reused as a decoy next time or if you have to get a new body double each time. I've also bought additional masks to switch out just in case this one ceases to protect my "inner identity".

The Next Symbols I'm trying out are

Gye nyame


Angel Moroni


For now, I'm going to go with a religious symbol theme to keep this organized and focused.


  1. I had a feeling that this would be the result. Alright, guys. Spread the word. Slender Man can be fooled by mannequins deguised as us for a while.

  2. The results here say otherwise, dude. That's why the Third Floor Rule works.

  3. Should I perhaps also test to see if the mannequin can't be dressed up in all new attire in case it's the clothes and mask that no longer fool Him?

  4. Ooh, hadn't thought of that. Yeah, test that, too. What I'm wondering, though, is there you're going to get a second mannequin. Maybe you could go the "scarecrow" route and just stuff the clothes, then prop them up somehow.
    Either way, I think you should keep trying to use decoys while you stay at a safe distance.
    I've got your back, even if I'm not actually there, buddy.
    If you need to talk, just come and blog with me, alright?

  5. Thank you...buddy. I don't mean to question you, but what is it to you how I'm feeling? You have your own problems. I don't understand.

  6. That is a question I'd find odd and maybe a little offensive coming from anyone else.
    Well, Pete, the whole reason I've befriended you so far is that you seem like an okay guy. Plus, you're all alone out there. I mean, Slice, Liam, and YggdrasilCore are all here in Boston, and I know that I have family back at home that loves me. You don't have anyone that you can remember and I don't you're within range of being able to team up with anyone.
    So, I'll do what I can from here. It's basically the same reason why you're tried to help others a bit. I... I just care.

  7. I'm sorry! No offense was intended. I think I understand what you mean. So, it's normal to be empathetic to people even if they're only represented by letters on a computer screen, then?

  8. No offense taken. Adult survival and language skills and common and technical knowledge aside, you're starting all over fresh, basically.
    Oh yes, it's easy to identify with other bloggers. We're all essentially going through the same thing, together yet separate. We're all connected by a tall, skinny horrible monster. It's really bad that He's what has drawn us together, but there you have it. Here we are. We might as well be friends.

  9. Alright, friend.

    Back to topic, I may have to follow your suggest of constructing a kind of 'scarecrow'. Malls and stores won't exactly take kindly to someone off with their mannequins.