Saturday, February 26, 2011

Experiment #4 Results:

Location: Second time at the trailer.
Decoy: Decoy 2-New attire and Mask. Effective for roughly two hours before the construct moved on.
Operator Symbol: Effective.
Lotus Carrying Namam: Ineffective
Nine Point Star: Ineffective
Wheel of Dharmacakra: Ineffective
Lotus Flower: Ineffective

Experiment #5 Set-Up

Will reuse the trailer one more time before moving on
Decoy: Decoy 3-New Attire and Mask
New Symbols:
Ichthus (Christianity)
Fire Lily (Christianity)
Hands of God (Slavic Neopaganism)
Triskelion (Celtic Neopaganism)

After this, I will too be abandoning the mobile home and another location.

I've come across a few symbols which I am reluctant to try out. One is called the "Sacred Chaos". I fear it making the creature stronger, since it also is a bringer of chaos for all intents and purposes. The pentagram is another I fear to use, and will not, after I read up on it. I will also not be using any other Satanic symbolism. I have enough problems with just one devil. I will not risk bringing another to myself.


  1. they work better if you believe they work.

  2. Well, I know something has to work, so I go into each of these experiments with faith that they will. Fo some reason, the Operator Symbol, thus far, appears to be the only Achilles Heel, but I remain hopeful.

  3. Hey, Pete, how are you, man? You've usually reported back in by now. You haven't been taken, too, right?

  4. I am here. I'm fine. He just gave me a bit of a chase. I'll catch up on the findings tomorrow.