Monday, February 21, 2011

A simple experiment.

Ron of Drew's Box 'o' Stuff has suggested we become organized and connected as a network. I've offered to perform a simple experiment for him. One that seems to have been reoccurring in the blog Testing 1, 2, 3. According to research that has been done on the construct, posting up operator symbols in your home will keep It at bay for 24 hours, after which their effect will wear off and He will be able to enter your home. A part of the research conducted by the blog's owner, Shaun, was in finding other symbols that work as repellents against the construct. I intend to to take up that research. It's a fairly simple and safe one to work with, as I can still hang up operator signs while conducting this.

The Set Up: I ended up in a small where most of the buildings aside from an Inn I can't afford don't have third floors. So I will have to sleep the night at a lower level, anyway. There's an abandoned two room shack of a house at the edge of town. I will post up the operator symbols on the outside of the home, itself, and post up the other symbols at the wooden posts  that make up the remains of a fence that once surrounded it. This way, if none of the alternate symbols work, I can still fall back on the operator signs.
I'm trying three symbols this time: A cross, an expressionless face, and the Star of David.

My next blog post will report the results in exact detail.


  1. Be careful out there. The (X) signs aren't a guarantee. Be ready to run if the shit hits the fan.

  2. If need be, bum it. Climb up onto the roof after paying for the room to store your gear/baggage.

    It might be the only way to keep yourself safe.