Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Experiment #12 Results and the Search for Clarice

Plain for Pete

Italics for Jack, should he take over again.

The results of Experiment 12 are evidently that it did not work. Either Slender Man was able to get onto the boat or Lone Hunter, perhaps, did. I don't know anything beyond that.

I'm scared. I have another person in my head, only he was the original and I am the intruder. So what does that say of me. Am I deal? Was I something that Slender Man created to inhabit this body while Jack perhaps slept. Perhaps I was never Jack at all. Maybe I really a just Prey the 2rd, created and placed in another's body. Because if I'm Jack, then how could Jack be existing as a serparate entity here with me.

Well, who I really am will have to be an issue for another time, because I have to find Clarice. I have a clue which I found amongst the wrecked interior of the houseboat.
It's piece of the sign from a harbor in a nearby town called Keokuk, where we purchased the boat. Lone Hunter will likely make his whereabouts known to me somehow. I'm coming, Clarice. Just hold out a little while longer. I'm coming.

Heh. This should be fun. I can't wait to make things miserable for anyone who serves The Suit.

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