Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Unsure Paths Await Us

Hi guys...

Well, we're back from the funeral. Well, we've back for a while now, but haven't really felt like blogging. We've been both feeling very down lately. Yep, it's about Ron. He did much to save us both before he needed us to save him. He named me and gave me fighting spirit. Then he physically saved Clarice from the jaws of death at his own cost, which eventually led to his demise.

Slice... You're not useless. You've done everything you can against Slender Man. It's not your fault.

I can see Him now. He's standing tall between two buildings, his black outline obvious against the daytime sky. He awaits us. He's been putting on the pressure for the last few days. We haven't been able to lose Him.
I don't know what He's planning, but we may have to take action soon. Clarice and I are working on a plan. This plan goes back to the theory a friend of M once had, that Slender Man can't follow people out onto open bodies on water. Summer is close enough that we will be able to test this theory soon.

Lastly, Ron's younger brother has been pressuring us for answers. He knows we know why Ron died, but we can't tell him. I have a feeling he'll be drawn into this somehow. I fear for him, but we did the best we could and just left him without any answers or means to contact us or figure out to search blogger for us.

Until next time, ado, guys.

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  1. I have an idea for a test

    Can you try to get a fish made of cold iron or silver (maybe one for each)?

    Iron and silver are both known to hurt the supernatural. The point of this is to see if these metals hurt him, and how long they last against his attacks. If they hurt him, then great! If not, well, if they resist his attacks and if he won't stop attacking until the fish is gone, then it could be VERY useful as a decoy

    Also, I'd suggest capturing a proxy and trying other cures. Anything you can think of to break the hold SM has on an anonymous proxy. Also see if anything causes proxies to be repelled. Their minds ARE altered, after all