Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What happened?

Guys, this is Pete. Clarice is missing and... I've been displaced. I woke up in a hotel room in some town called Fort Madison, Iowa, and I have no memory of the events that transpired beyond the two of us loading up and taking off on the boat.

I have not had a look at any new events on the blogs, because I have to find her. I can see the Mississippi from the window. I will attempt to track down the houseboat and maybe get some answers.

Until then, pray for us.


  1. What.

    Pete... You regained your memories... How can you have reverted to Pete again?

  2. BL... I found the boat. The inside was covered in dry blood. I have to find her, fast.

    I also saw the post by my other self. I don't understand, I

    What the hell am I doing here?! I checked into a hotel room, now I'm typing at a computer

    I didn't type that! Could it have been Jack?

    Yes, I am. I'm Jack and I'm in control.

    Well, I'm Pete and I ask that you help me to look for Clarice.

    I'm off to kill The Suit.

    Its name is Slender Man. Please, you can strike a blow against him by helping me.

    ... I'll have to think about it.