Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Almost to Boston

I'm about to enter the Hell where Ron is being kept. It's alright. I'm not flying blind. Someone has contacted me and offered me help. As you know, Clyde has been captured. According to the concerned party, he's being tortured to death as we speak by Al(x)ne and Slender Man.
I've got to hurry. I'm going to rescue Ron and Clyde. It's alright. I have a plan. Even if two instances of entering The Ruins have resulted in capture, this time will be different, I swear it. Just hold on, guys. I'm coming.


  1. Pete, DON'T GO IN ALONE.

    Let me come with you.

  2. Can't tell you yet, but he's been Clyde's contact from Boston and has been spoon-feeding him information from the beginning.
    I won't go alone. Anyone who is willing to come can..

  3. Fuck who it is. Pete, I'll meet up with you.

  4. I call this a bluff. No one in this town would be foolish enough to turn against the Master. He has rooted Himself deeply enough that Charleston, itself, as a proxy and an entryway into a subspace created by Him.
    If you think you can muster anything that can oppose the Master, then come on then.

  5. Indeed. Anyone who would fight against The Master in Boston would have to have a death wish.

  6. Riiiight. Just in case, my email is