Saturday, March 5, 2011

Experiment #8 Set-Up:

Location: An open lot. I've decided to try something a bit different to see what will happen. We know that using the Operator and Operato-Ichthus Signs will keep the construct out of an structure. Well, now I'm testing to see if how well a human can protect his or herself just by setting up a circle  of them around themselves. I will be using ordinary Operator Signs on the first try. as the smaller, inner "fence", so to speak.
As for symbols: human eyes. Drawings of eyes of all three colors: brown, blue, and green. I've also managed to purchase a printer, so I will also be setting up printed off images of eyes of all colors.
Decoy: New with new mask. I didn't care what how new the attire is this time. I just need to know if eye symbols and if a circle of Operator Signs out in the open will work.

I found an observing spot three floors up and a few good blocks away where I watch through the binoculars.

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  1. Excellent work. You begin to recover what once made you an adversary to He That Is. Try not to repeat past mistakes, and stay out of the woods and forests unless you absolutely have to go there. -Clyde