Thursday, March 31, 2011

Experiment #10 Set-Up:

Location: Abandoned shack.
Decoy: Fresh with new and new.
The tried and true Operator Sign
New Symbol:
This is basically an early Ichthus symbol, called the Ephesus. We've printed it off and handdrawn them. They will be hung as an outer fence like before, while the Operator symbols will be hung ont he actual shack.

Participants: Ron, Clarice, and myself. Ron will be manning the binoculats, I will be manning the digital camera, and Clarice will keep our getaway car's engine hot.

Objective: Find anothe ralternate symbol that works.

We're testing this tonight. Wish us luck.


  1. Godspeed.
    And be careful.

  2. I was gonna suggest this...but I was too lazy to make an svg of one for you. I can sometime if you would rather have a pre-made one, but hopefully you can draw them yourself tonight.