Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rethinking the experiments

Alright, obviously I'm going to have to account for the possibility to of the construct using one of its pawns to attack me while it is distracted by my set-ups, but I need a way of still seeing all the results in spite of that. A camera, maybe?

I also received this in the mail at the hotel where I'm staying yesterday: It letter with no return address, and the it only had the number '3' on a piece of paper inside. Going on the odd entries on "The Land of Black Leaves" and the recent ones of "Unchained", this means something is up on the 10th.

I'm not sure where to watch or what to watch for, but I guess all we can do is check all the blogs as we can daily for anything....more odd and out the usual than usual. Thank God for Ron collecting all the major, and many of the minors, blogs in his Following. That will make this a much more simple matter.


  1. 10th and 22nd. Greeeeeeeeat. Hope you're ok. I guess I have to take care of you now, that's what Ron told me....

  2. Wait, the twenty-second?

    But...I'm kind of looking forward to Thursday right now.

    Stay safe, alright? *Joce

  3. At least the Enemy sets dates these days.

    I intend to stay safe. Thanks a bunch, guys.

  4. That Slenderman is the one setting dates and times for these engagements shows It has control of the situation. We're going to have to turn that around, somehow.
    Please stay alive, Pete -Clarice.