Monday, March 28, 2011

A Step Back

It happened when I was checking up on Ron when I saw the back door open. He was out! He had let himself out! He was face-to-face with Slender Man. The two were just staring into each other. I grabbed Clarice's portable CD player and ran out towards the playing some Rolling Stones full blast. I didn't know what I was doing, but trying to use Robert's method of "the power of rock" was all I had at my disposal at the time. It interrupted whatever was going on as It backed off, looking very agitated as I grabbed Ron and dragged him back into the house, where he collapsed. I put him on the bed we me for him. He's been unconscious ever since.

No no no! Of all the things that could go wrong I didn't see Ron somehow just letting himself and almost getting caught like this! Damn it! That door has a padlock! What happened? This is just getting to be too much. Should we move ourselves elsewhere, or board up that door?

Clarice still isn't home yet, and that worries me now in light of what just happened. I've already checked the entire condo. I'm going to check it again once I press 'Publish Post'.

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