Thursday, March 17, 2011

Arrival and Doubts

I type this entry without a plan as for what I can say. You might call this a stream of consciousness that I'm using to sort out my thoughts. I'm scared. I've read as two descents into The Ruins ended in either partial or complete disaster. Can I let that delay me?

No matter what, now I'm in for it at last. Upon entering the border of this town, I find myself asking why I'm here. Is a name really worth this? What is the measure of it?

I can feel the chilled air of the city now. I'm set to enter Charleston. In a few more hours I will see the Proxied Neighborhood at last, where I hope to meet Slice, YggdrasilCore, and my contact in person.

Upon reaching the brink of The Ruins, though, will I go back? ...will I?


What's in a name? My identity. I am Pete! Before, I had a mere... I wouldn't even call it a title. I was Prey the 2nd. I was an object. Then Ron gave me a name, and made me feel like I was... Somebody. As a somebody, I've since learned about and battled against this vicious Being...this Entity. Some things can't be measures on a simple scale. I am Pete. That is good enough.

I may be in for it at last, I may be able to practically feel the flames of Hell nicking at me, I may be at the brink where I will see Fear, itself.

Why am I here? I come to save Ron and Clyde. I come to rob our Enemy of His captives.

I can still turn back. But to go on, to take those steps...
...that would be the bravest of all moments.
 Whatever happens afterwards is nothing. Yes, Boston is where I will fight my real battle.

Hang on just a little longer, my friends. I have come.

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  1. Good luck, Pete. May Hermes guard your travels, and Athena bless your battles.