Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Warning of Things to Come

Hi guys,
Well, even with the breakthrough Ron's had with his recovery, I've still been on edge since last night's encounter. I've let Clarice do most of the talking to the police since and now I'm out eating at some café, nibbling on a bagel.
The warning of the title references an encounter I had earlier. You see, I was sitting on a bench near a fountain, enjoying the relative peacefulness of the area when a man in a brown suit sat down next to me.

Him: "This seat taken?"
Me: (Shook my head no and shifted over a bit to let him sit down.)
The man seemed pleasant enough as he flipped a coin into the fountain before taking his seat.
Him: "So what are you up, young man? Have any stories to shate?"
Me: (Chuckling) "Not really. I'm just trying to relax."
Him: "I can understand that. These are difficult times, but you can't let that get you down. "
(I won't tell the whole conversation, but it basically just him chatting with me about simple things, like how the Cubs suck, the Bulls aren't the dream team they used to be, things like that. He also had some encouraging things to say when I shared some vague details about my situation. Then this happened.
Him: "Well, if you have anything more specific to say I might be able to help."
Me: "Sorry, but that's private. I've just been going through some difficult times. I'm just trying to center myself."
Him: "Well, I can't blame you. Especially after the pressure He that Is put you under last night."
Me: (Staring astonished and alarmed.)
Him: (His entire demeanor changed in an instant from pleasant and disarming to threatening.) "Yes, you heard me, Pete. Just so you know, you, the prey, and your little girlfriend can't stay holed up in that little house forever. Sooner or later, we will get you. Maybe not tonight, tomorrow, or the week after, but we're coming. Count on it. Make it easy on yourselves. Just give yourselves up. If you agree to join us, we might even spare Ron and the girl."
Me: "Forget it. I'll be ready for you all, any day, any time."
Him: "I'm sure you will be. It won't be good enough, though. The noose is tightening and you're walking the gallows without your hands tied, kid. He That Is will have his prey. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some business to attend to."
Me: "What's your name. You know me, but I don't know you."
Him: "Oh yes, well... You can call me Durkin and I'm in charge of things around here. I'll be seeing you soon, kid."
(With that, he left.)

First contact with our new enemy has been made. Time to beef up security at home. Later, guys.


  1. Took you long enough to get talking about me, kid.

    Oh, you'll be ready? Well, in that case, the ball's in your court tonight. I hope you're ready for the preliminaries. They start soon with a few opening kick-offs to get things going.

  2. Oh great, my own personal Black Leaf/Al(x)ne/L(x)ne Hunter. At least you're not bothering with a pretentious alias.
    Somehow, I'm not surprised to find you stalking my entries.
    I suppose we're going to see another blog in the making as well. Something sport themed if your shout outs are anything to go on.

  3. Sorry, but I've got no interest in starting a blog, kiddo. I'm just here to set things up.

  4. I was wondering when you were going to step up to the plate, Durkin. I missed you during my own visit to Chicago. I was hoping for a spot of tea with you.