Friday, March 25, 2011

Experiment #9 Results:

Location: Abandoned yard of some kind.
Decoys: Eight fresh ones, clothed and masked.
Symbols: None.
Me: Masked and among the decoys.
Blake: Hidden on the third floor landing of a fire exit of the building the yard shared the property with.
Digital Camera: Set-up with the zoom on a far distance away.

Event:: Alright, set up the decoys in a staggered arragement around the yard. An actual mannequin, one or two dummies, but mostly scarecrow style body doubles. Then I stood in place among them as still as I could for as long as I could. Night fell and Slender Man showed his no-face. It stopped and stood before each one before moving onto another in about ten minutes intervals. It kept coming ever closer, after examining each decoy, until It finally stopped in front of me. I don't know how much time passed as It bored holes into me with Its stare, but I was almost ready to just run for it. Then It moved on and finished examinating all the decoys. Finally, It moved to the center of the yard and looked each one and me over for a long time.
It didn't make a move. Instead, iIt finally just left. I had no idea what to think of that, but either way, I decided to play it and end the experiment. I hailed for BL to come down. Once we was down, we were going to tear down the doubles and head back. I could hear the metalic sounds of BL descending the fire exit a distance away.
I looked up at BL, who was descending the final latter, then back at the front entrance of the yard. When I did, I was It coming back, with help.
We bolted and ended up having to scale the fence to escape with them in hot pursuit every step of the way. We made a beeline for Blake's car. Before we could there, though, we were attacked by more proxies.
I turned to beat them off while BL started the car. Slender Man appeared again just as BL started the engine then drove up to me and opened the passengerside door for me to enter. He wasn't quick enough. Slender Man was upon me and all turned to darkness.

I woke up three hours later a in a tree in Ping Tom Memorial Park. I climbed down and took a cab home. When I got there, I was met with a very worried Clarice who informed me that BL was out looking for me. Apparently, Slender Man grabbed me and we both disappeared right before his eyes.
A few hours later, he finally returned and was relieved to find me alive and sane.
I'm still sore and tired from that ordeal, even after a night of rest. BL's already leaving.

So, The Results: Well, It couldn't tell me from the rest of the dummies. It just brought help who could and just followed the figures who fled from it.
I'm sure this trick could have practicaly uses under the right circumstances, but it'd have to just be you and Slender Man.


  1. Glad you're back

  2. Thanks. Oh yeah, Ron's getting a little better. He's a bit more active than just sitting in one place now.