Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Still on the move.

Will be arriving in a new town tomorrow, though. There I hope the find the proper setting to continue conducting these Symbol experiments. I think I'm almost done with the Decoy experiments. At this point I think I'm just going to continue employing them for practical use so that I can observe from afar.

Known Decoy Results:

New Decoy+New Attire+New Mask=About five hours of distraction.
Old Decoy+Repeated Attire+Reused Mask=Minutes at best.
Old Decoy+New Attire+New Mask=Roughly two hours of successful distraction.

However, on the next go I will try out a brand new Decoy with new attire and a new mask. I will hold off using religious symbols for one night as I am curious to how the construct will react to a barrier made up Ichthus-Operator Signs. Will it have the effect of both in which the creature is held back AND is incensed to violence? If so, I may need to change out the binoculars for a telescope. Or will the attempted combination just muddy the ffect of both enough that it's ineffective like the others I've tried, in which case the construct will walk right past.  Either way, I hope for repeated success with the combination of a new decoy, new clothes, and new mask.


  1. Did you like my signs that I made for you? Will you be using any of those?

  2. I think I will be using all of them.

  3. Here's hoping. You already made one breakthrough just with the mannequin or scarecrow decoys. Maybe you can do it again.

  4. The eye-fish thing I made really makes me curious as to what this thing will do with it. Especially because of the resemblance to an eye. Maybe we can finally put M's theory to the test.