Monday, March 28, 2011

Twelve Hours

Ron has been unconscious for twelve hours now. We can't wake him up. What are we going to do?

It has left us alone entirely for the rest of the day, aside from staring in the windows. We haven't even heard so much as a "Come out. Come out to me," though. I'm growing tired of this sick game. I will remain calm, though. I have to endure. I have to. Two people seem to be depending on me now. I will not let Clarice and Ron down. I just... Don't know how to not screw this up if we can't wake Ron up.

I feel lost. I feel as lost as I did when I first awakened that day on Feb. 16th.


  1. Just stay strong. No matter how alone you feel, you have friends. Things will get better.

  2. The first inning is just getting started, my friend. Are you ready to batter up?

  3. You better just pray that when I do "batter up" that it isn't onto your skull?

  4. You're a total effin rockstar from Mars!