Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Experiment #7 Set-Up:

Location: A crudely made little shack I've built from discarded wood and boards using a hammer and nails I purchased.*
Decoy 4: New Attire and New Mask. This is to confirm once and for all what happened on that night with the first decoy.
The tried and true Operator Sign, as usual.
The Ichthus-Operator Sign I made.
JakobGibby's symbols: Operator + Ichthus, Operator X + Ichthus, and Operator Circle + Ichthus.
My computer was acting up while I tried to get them onto here, but they can be seen at his blog.
Gibby's Log: A (not asked for) favor
I don't know what will happen this time. Either this will work or it won't, and the next step is taken from there.

Suggestions and Theories:

1. JakobGibby suggested that the Ichthus symbol incensed the construct to rage because it is the original Christian symbol predating the Cross, which I have used both mere drawings and actual cast Crucifix necklaces of.
2. JediZero suggests that the combined Ichthus Symbol and Operator Sign look like a focused eye directed right on Him may be what what the creature hates so much.
3. The whole thing where It tore actual fish apart still baffles me, though. The Ichthus symbol is one thing, but just plain, ordinary fish? One idea I have about this comes from the theory that has been passed around that the construct does not like the sea and can't go into large bodies of water. I believe one fellow M of The Tutorial once met had a similar idea and even had some success with this. Well, testing whether the construct can chase me into large bodies of water is just going to have to wait until the Winter ends.

*= There were locations I could have used around this little town, but none of them are without owners or nearby persons who could get caught up in this. I will risk no harm to others, so I made do in building my own abandoned shack a bit away from the main town.


  1. Go get him - will this be tonight?
    By the way - the focused eye was what I was going for with the design I made.

  2. Actually, I think all the designs for the Ichthus-Operator combo resemble an eye in some way. Even the basic one Pete posted up here had an eye-ish look to it.
    Good luck out there, Pete. I'm glad you're using these decoys. I'd hate to think what might have happened if you were in the shed the night it went nuts on the fish.

  3. Yes, this is happening tonight Right now, in fact. The construct arrives. See you all tomorrow.

  4. Be careful, man.
    Hey, Pete...
    Stay alive, no matter what, okay? I think you're shaping into a really good guy. I'm sorry that being slenderchased and experimenting is all you know. Seek out others like us, and make some friends, okay?

  5. I wonder if since he cannot cross water, if an island would be safer....

    It'd have to be a desert Isle with no trees on it though.

  6. Well...he can sort of teleport so not sure what that would do...anyone done an experiment on if he like certain types of trees better than others?