Friday, March 18, 2011

Dark News.

My friends, today is a dark one. I've just gotten word that Al(x)ne has killed Clyde by literally torturing him to death. I've aleady contacted Clarice to tell her the news.
The attack will still take place at it's chosen time. We will still rescue Ron. I ask Core and Slice to keep your heads. This may have been a ploy to get us to do something rash.

May a flight of angels sing thee to thy rest, Clyde. I never got the chance to meet you, but you tried to help us. Rest in peace, my friend.

EDIT: In other news, it seems like Shaun, the Sage I based m symbolism research on, he recently reemerged and sent out an SOS.


  1. Shaun's alive? Where did he send the SOS?

    ...Damn. That's... not good. We'll get them, my friend, we'll get them.

  2. The Tutorial. He reemerged around the same time as M.

  3. We're here if you need a hand. We'd love to help. Or, if nothing else, wish you luck. Helping is preferable, though.

  4. Thank you, but it's alright. We have this handled. Please just stay alive and as safe as you can.
    I would have accepted the offer if it had come sooner, but the board is set and the pieces have been lined and ready to move.

  5. Okay. We'll be rooting for you!