Friday, March 4, 2011

Possibilities of Experimentation

Well, the successes of the Decoy and Symbol experiments have opened new doorways to explore. Again, thank God for the Sages, M, Dr. Cairo, and everyone else who experimented on It for laying the groundwork that made this possible. Without their prior work and theories, this would have been a lot more guess work.

What We Know Works:
Operator Symbols fend It off for about 24 hours before wearing.
Jakob's Ochthus-Operator Symbol Avatar worked as a repellent for 28 hours at the end of which the construct sundered them.
Fresh decoys with new sets of clothes and masks last fo five hours is distraction (that creature stared into the last night's decoy for about that length).

New Experiment Ideas:

1. JediZero's suggestion of using simple eye symbols. This holds a lot of merit in light of recent discoveries and is worth experimenting with. I think I will try experimenting with eye symbol in grousp of four as I did with the religious symbols. Among the first tests, of course, a human eye design, will be tried. Not sure about the other three yet.
2. Bodies of water. Once it warms up a bit more, I will experiment with the construct's reaction to bodies of water. Not sure how I'm going to go about that.

Any more suggestions?
It's kind of hard to concentrate right now. For some reason, I've been having a bit of headache today, ever since I caught wind of Ron's... The events. It's as if I remember this kind of feeling, somehow. I saw a few images flash in my mind a bit earlier. Int he first one, I was... somewhere, with people. Then something is yelled, but I can't make it out. Then I see an image of woods or a forest. I have no idea what this is.


  1. I'll try eyes that I draw. Lots of em. Be careful.

  2. Use the picture of my eyes on my blog - will it work with photos?

  3. By the way, dreaming of forests seems to generally be bad

  4. Good ideas all around. I'll try them out.

    I wasn't dreaming, though. It was the last of three images that flickered in my mind. I'm not going to go around exploring the forests or anything foolish like that, but if it were just the forest image I saw I would disregard it. But coupled with the other two, it must mean something.