Friday, March 25, 2011

Crisis and Allegiances

I... I don't know how to start this. Taking it from the top, we locked and sealed up the condo as well as we could while Slender Man and his lot gathered outside. We awaited the police and hoped they could successfully foil the proxies at least.
Time was fast running out, as they tore down our signs and allowed It to come nearer to the house.
Clarice and I retreated from the living room to the hallway beyond to grab Ron and ready an attempt to flee.

Suddenly, Ron came tearing out of the room we left him in screaming bloody murder and swinging a table leg he had broken off around like a club, at us. He took a swing at us, but I caught his attack and grappled with him for the object and we rolled and tumbled over each other in a desparate struggle.
It was then that the proxies forced open the door and entered. They had somehow gotten a key to the door, which may mean the landlord is in league with It.

I was too busy with Ron to be of much help, and they grabbed Clarice and started to pull her out of the house towards Slender Man.
I don't know if you can call police officers that you yourself hailed a Deux ex machina, but it was at this point that they arrived at the scene and scared the proxies off. Slender Man vanished but Ron's rampage did not end. Hoping to avoid having him gunned down or taken away to a mental home, I pushed him back into Clarice's bedroom and subdued him while Clarice went to talk to the officers out front.

Ron struggled with me viciously, but I had him pinned with his own weapon even though he still clutched it.

ME: "Ron, stop this! Why are you trying to hurt us?"
RON: (Incoherent shouts)
ME: "Ron, it's me! It's Pete! You named me! That girl is Clarice. You saved her."
RON: (Stops struggling. Looking confused.) "Pete? Clarice?"
ME: "Yes, Ron. It's us. You don't have to serve It. It is not your master. You are Ron Foster. You are our friend. We fought long and hard to free you. Even down in The Ruins, you resisted It. Remember who you are and try to recall what kept you going."
RON: (Staring at me, blankly.)
ME: "Resist Him."
RON: (Looks pained, as if his headache has returned and begins struggling with me again.)
ME: "Ron, stop it! Think of Irene."
That got his attention.
ME: "Think of Drew. Think of Jared, Sam, Stephanie, and Elijah! Think of them! Now think of all of us! Me, Clarice, Clyde, Slide, Liam, Kelly! We are all your friends! What would Irene think if she coud see you?"
RON: (He finally releases hold of the table leg and starts sobbing.)

I tossed aside the leg and stood up, and pulled him to his feet. Mentioned Irene seemed to do the most in getting through to him. He must really love her.

After I got Ron to calm down, Clarice entered the room as he laid himself down to sleep and I explained what happened to her. She explained about her conversation with the cops after, she made up a story that seemed to satisfy the cops, that the mob was here for Ron, her supposed mentally handicapped brother because he accidentally caused some trouble for them. Th cops checked around the property but found no one else around, aside from the few proxies they arrested while chasing off the mob. After they left, they promised to keep an eye on the neighborhood for us for a while, but Clarice has to go to the station tomorrow to file a report.

That's not the end of it, though. We thought we had seen the end of our woes for one night, but Slender Man has been persistant for some reason. After the police left, we set up a make-swift barrier of fresh Ichthuses we printed off and decided to rotate watch duty from now on. We flipped a coin over it. I called heads, it came out tails, so I was up for first watch.

I don't know how he slipped in, but a proxy awaited Clarice in her bedroom. I had just sat down on the couch when I heard a scream erupt from her room. Out came a man dragging Clarice along, a knife to her throat. He said he wanted us to step outside to Slender Man. He gestured with the knife towards a window. I looked, and there It was, staring in.

He told me to open the front door walk out or that he'd kill Clarice. I didn't know what to do, but I couldn't stand there forever as his patience was quickly running out.
It was then I saw Ron emerge from the hall behind carrying the same broken off table leg as before. He grabbed the man and used his surprise to wrench him from Clarice, who bolted and ran into the kitchen to grab a knife. Before I could react, Ron was upon man and killed him with one good swing to the head.

I looked to the window again and Slender Man was gone. I turned back to Ron, who sat down on the couch and curled into the fetal position and wept in his knees. Clarice reentered the room with the biggest butcher knife ever and surveyed the scene.
After a moment of getting over the shock of the scene that had just played out, we went over to Ron and sat down on either side of him. I put a hand on his shoulder as Clarice wrapped her arms around him in a hug. We spoke as smoothingly and comfortingly as we could to him and eventually, he calmed down.

After maybe a half-hour of being curled up, he finally sat normally before getting up and walking himself to his bed and going to sleep. The thing of note about that is the way he moved. As stated, he's been robotically going about basic daily routines, but the way he got up and walked to his bed seemed...human, as he actually seemed tired. Somehow, he found the strength to defy Slender Man in this state and seems to have reclaimed a piece of himself.
This may be a huge step in his recovery.

Anyway, we've disposed of the body. He's six feet under in the back yard.