Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Experiment #9 Set-Up:

If you've read Unchained, you'll see we've arrived in Chicago.

Location: As usual, somewhere without current human presence or interference.
Decoy: About six-seven fresh ones, all clothed and masked.
Symbols: None
Me: I will be masked and among the decoys.
So far I've only tested how the Slender Man reacts to decoys when an actual person is away from the sight of the haunting. The purpose of this test is to find out how well decoys will work if a Haunted is nearby. This is going to be extremely risky, since I know Slender Man has a score to settle with me for my part in what happened in Boston.
I don't have a location yet, but I will. I will keep you posted before I go to do this. When the time comes and if I don't come back, you will know decoys are less effective if an actual person is right there among them.
I know this is risky. Perhaps, even stupid, but actively trying to learn all new things about our enemy is the most dangerous role of all someone can fill, and it will require a few acts of absolute stupidity from me. Hopefully I have a miracle up my sleeve to survive this, too.
Look at me, posting as if this were my last entry. Not just yet. I still have a to find a location to do this at.

I'll keep you all posted.


  1. Make sure you have backup before you get yourself fucked. I'm sure that someone could cover for you.

  2. I plan on finding a suitable location and have everything set-up by the time BL shows up. He may only be able stay one night. I only need one.