Sunday, March 20, 2011

Slow progress

Well, Ron's still not in great shape, but at least he seems to be understanding me better. I got him to use the laptop and access his blog. I guess applying that concoction had some effect after all. Problem is, I don't have enough for another dose.
Well, having gotten him out of Boston and on the road for a few days plus being continually out of Slender Man's reach seems to be having an impact.

As for our situation, we're going to meet up with Clarice in Chicago for a while. She's offered us temperary shelter. In the meantime, I hope to conduct some more experiments, as she said she'd watch Ron for me if I wanted. I have one idea I really want to try out. We'll be there in the next couple of days.


  1. Pete, The Lone Hunter is on the move.

  2. I saw. Thanks for the heads up. Good luck and Godspeed. You're going to need it if The Lone Hunter is really that dangerous.

  3. Hello, Pete. How are you doing? How is Ron doing? Ar you guys alright?

  4. I'm just fine, Clarice, but Ron hasn't made anymore progress.
    I wonder if letting him have the laptop again might help.

  5. You both be very careful. I'm sure he'll get better. Just stay safe.