Friday, March 4, 2011

This feeling

We lost him. We lost Ron. I feel hollow and heavy upon reading this news. So is this grief? He was my first friend on these boards. He gave me name instead of a objective title. Named me. Before, I just had a position: Prey the 2nd, treated as an object by the Slender Man and his pawns. Then I was given a name, and I felt...complete, perhaps.

No, this can't be. It can't end like this. He finally had the Brand within his reach! It's not fair!

No, I must calm down. I must stay the course. Experiment. Keep experimenting and try to prevent future victims. So is this what it means to be hunted by It? To lose people? To just get used to it and cope? I feel... Rage? Rage at the injustice of it, possibly? I have not felt this before. I don't understand this, but its there as if natural.

The full weight of the true terror of the beast sinks in.


  1. I don't believe anything Black Leaf says.

    He might still be alive.
    I'm not sure, but never give up hope.

  2. I don't believe anything ANY of them say. Ron will be okay. Right? *Joce

  3. Thank you, Jedi. I will try to remain hopeful of Ron's survival. If he is alive, though, then he's in their clutches. Something has to be done before he is rendered proxy.