Thursday, March 3, 2011

Experiment #7 Results:

Location: A shack I built at the edge of the woods just outside town.
Decoy: #4 with new Attire and Mask
Standard Operator Sign: Effective
The Ichthus-Operator Signs:
My Design: Semi-Effective, it held the construct back for a few minutes It shredded the papers with it drawn on.
Two out of Jakob's Three designs were met with similar results. The one you picked for you avatar is functioning as a ward. In fact, I'm typing this in real time and it still hasn't worn off. I can tell the construct is not happy with the design, though. Its tendrils twitch in anticipation of the kill at them. Though I'm going to have to give up watching for meal at some point, I will try to keep track of out long it's going to last. The construct showed up at about eleven at last. I'm hoping for the symbol to hold up that long.
Another variant in the creature's behavior is that it's staying farther back from the effective Ichthus-Operator than it ever did with the ordinary Operator signs.
Then after that, there are still the ordinary operator signs. I wonder how long they will be effective since they haven't had a run at holding it back yet, but have been up as long as the Ichthus-Operators. That goes for the Decoy as well.


  1. Well done, Pete and Jakob. Keep experimenting, keep searching. He That Is can be beaten.

  2. Nice job. Glad to know my design worked.

  3. Ichthus-Operator Sign is stilll holding It back. Within fours of a full 24. Even if it doesn't outlast the ordinay Operato Signs, it holds the constuct farther back, but more agitated, as stated. It is acting like a circling wolf to prey that has barricaded itself.

  4. Maybe its because the Ichthus-Operator looks almost exactly like an eye? You results seem to confirm some suspicions as to why the operator symbol works.

  5. I'm just taking from already existing theories and research done of this creature. Thank God for M and the Sages for laying down the groundwork for all this.

  6. And Dr. Cairo. I almost forgot. Without him, I probably would never have thought to use decoys, and that'd be me in that little shack.

  7. Ron's records reveal his whereabouts now.

  8. Nearly a whole past 24 hours and the effective Ichthus-Operator Signs still hold.

  9. The mixture of eye and fish was most effective?


    I'll try and spread this around to the best of my ability, but we might have just found another way of defending ourselves.