Friday, March 4, 2011

Sketches and images

I'm just going to have to buy a printer if I'm to try out photographs of eyes. I have the sketching of them handled, though I'm running out of paper. So I'll get new notebooks with the printer.

I've spotted It one or two times outside of watching it last night, so I know I still have time in this town. I don't think I will reuse the shack I made. One of the two times I've seen It was when I was collecting the things I left in the shed. I'll just have to think of something else to be safe.

I'm also just a few miles from the borderline of where Massachusetts and New York State meet. I'm considering crossing over to some other town there next time I chance locations. Still not sure yet.


  1. He That Is is less dominant in New York State, if that helps you make your decision. -Clyde